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City dogs are lucky dogs; Puppachinos at Starbucks, so many off leash parks to run and romp, plenty of doggie friends to meet and play with, centres for doggie birthday parties, dog walkers galore and bakeries with special doggie treats. City dogs really have it all!

But it’s not all fun and games for our pups. Expectations are high for dogs to be well behaved in high traffic areas such as busy sidewalks, lobbies and elevators. They are expected to be calm and quiet both inside and outside to avoid noise complaints or dirty looks. They need to keep four paws on the ground to avoid muddying clothing of people walking by. And they can’t say hello to every dog and to every person since not everyone is a fan of other dogs (even dogs themselves). It takes a lot of skill to be a good city dog citizen.

At City Dogs Training and Behavior, we find the most motivating ways to train calmness and politeness in your dog at home and on city streets. We delve into the root of unwanted behaviors to address the real issue and achieve the goals needed for your dog to live happily and peacefully in our busy city.

Andrea Dinan - CPDT-KA

Andrea Dinan - CPDT-KA

Founder / Trainer

Andrea’s specialties lie in helping dogs and their guardians navigate the canine-human relationship to assure success in training no matter the age of your dog nor the issue at hand.

Andrea’s main goal is to make training fun, effective and motivating for dogs and humans through evidence-based training methods.

Each dog is looked at as an individual; what works for one may not work for another. With Andrea’s experience and education, she has a variety of ways to achieve training goals focusing on setting up you and your dog for success, utilizing what motivates your dog and effective communication.

Andrea Dinan and City Dogs was the recipient of the following awards through the International Positive Dog Trainers Association:

Dog Training Excellence Award
Excellence in Boarding and Sitting Award

Andrea is also the Founder of EduCanine, an organization that provides in-person and online workshops and courses for dog parents and dog professionals on a variety of topics to help with common issues. Workshops and courses are taught by a collaboration of reputable and certified dog trainers. EduCanine was the recipient of the Education Award through www.ipdt.org in 2020.

Andrea is a true dog nerd and is constantly researching and studying behavior, motivations, techniques and best practices to help dogs live their best life with their guardians.

Fear Free Certified - Andrea Dinan
Aggression in Dogs Master Course - Andrea Dinan
Dog Trainer Foundations - Andrea Dinan
Robyn Salz - FDM

Robyn Salz - FDM


Robyn is passionate about fostering the bond between dogs and their guardians through education and training services. She believes that dogs and their guardians deserve to be set up for success, and she offers compassionate, creative, and practical solutions to behaviour challenges through humane, science-based training methods.
Robyn’s approach to dog training involves not only working to understand each individual dog and their experiences and needs, but also understanding the family’s expectations and goals.
Robyn is committed to continued education in order to ensure she has up-to-date knowledge on the best approaches to use when working with dogs and their guardians. She began her career by participating in the Bravo Dog Training Mentorship and EduCanine mentorship programs. She has successfully completed the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Foundations course, and is a certified Family Dog Mediator (FDM). She is currently a student of the Academy for Dog Trainers, an intensive two year academic program. She also regularly attends conferences led by leaders in the field of Dog Training, including the Dog Behavior conference, Aggression in Dogs conference and Clicker Expo.
dog trainer foundations certificate
FDM certificate

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