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What training methods do you use?

Evidence and science-based methods are the foundations of City Dogs training methods. This means that the education studied by our trainers has given them the skills and the techniques to make training motivating, focus on the behaviors you want from your dog and set your dog up for success to make these behaviors happen easily.

Do you use choke, prong or e-collars?

No. Although trained on how to use these tools, through education and reading studies on these tools has shown that the fallouts from these methods are greater than the success stories. In addition, many of the organizations that City Dogs is affiliated with do not condone the use of these tools.

How long will training take?

That really depends on what we are working on, the intensity of the behavior, how long your dog has been practicing the behavior and how committed you are to helping your dog create new habits. In some cases, issues that seem complicated are solved quickly with a simple change of leash, better motivator or teaching a foundation skill that your dog doesn’t know yet. On the other hand, sometimes issues that look routine can sometimes be more complicated under the surface. Your trainer will put together a plan after the first meeting that you can review before committing to more sessions.

How often should training occur?

The most common timeframe is a weekly basis so that you have time to implement the skills and techniques taught in the previous session and then build upon those in subsequent sessions.

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