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In-Home Dog Behavior Training

In-Home Dog Training

Whether you have a puppy ready to start off on the right paw, a new rescue getting used to your new home, or a dog going through some difficult behaviors, we are prepared for all sorts of training including leash walking, recall, calm greetings, barking, reactivity, fear and anxiety, and even aggression.  We will work with you to achieve your goals through science-based methods that are educational and fun for both you and your dog.
Pricing: One Session: $120   Package of Three: $345   Package of Five:  $500
Canine Good Neighbour

Polite Pups

NORTH YORK: Dublin Heights Elementary School, 100 Bainbridge Ave.
Saturday November 20th to December 11th 10am to 11am
MIDTOWN:  Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Rd. East
Saturday November 27th to December 18th 10am to 11am
Polite Pups is a great class to continue after a puppy class or as a nice refresher of basic skills in a more challenging environment.  This class aims to create excellent habits and will teach:
  • a rocket recall
  • loose leash walking
  • polite greetings with people and with dogs
  • keeping your dog engaged on a walk
  • drop it and leave it
$190 + HST
Chaos to Calm

Chaos to Calm

Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Rd. East
Tuesday, November 30th to December 21st, 7:30pm to 8:30pm


Is your dog sometimes a little out of control? Would you like your dog to be a little more zen-like in certain situations? This is the class for you! We discuss the possible root causes of the chaos and teach techniques to help every dog:
  • calm when people come to the door
  • calm when you have company
  • calm leash walking with distractions
  • calm at home when you need peace or to work
  • calm in new environments
$190 + HST


Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Rd. East
Saturday, November 27th to December 18th from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm

Does your dog freeze, lunge or bark at squirrels?  Is this ruining your walk at times? Are you afraid that your dog is going to run after a squirrel and get lost or hurt? Not to worry!  This class will help your dog learn control around squirrels while having a great time.
  • learn why they chase squirrels and some ways to relieve a prey drive
  • put the scanning and stalking behaviours on cue
  • give alternatives to the chase so that your dog looks to you, not the squirrel
  • learn how to teach an emergency recall in case things get out of hand
$190 + HST
scenting fun

Scenting Fun

Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Rd. East
Tuesday, November 30th to December 21st 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Scenting activities are a wonderful way to calm a hyperactive dog, satisfy the need to search and is a great way to tire out your dog on days when the weather is not conducive for a good walk.  This class will cover:
  • the basics of scenting and why it’s important
  • various scenting games to exercise your dog’s nose
  • putting these to work to find specific items such as your dog’s toys
  • the last class will cover teaching your dog to find an item of your choice
  • taking these skills outside
$190 + HST


City Dogs often presents webinars through EduCanine on various topics such as Dog to Dog Interactions, Socialization, Body Language and more! Go to www.educanine.org to see what is currently available.

Pricing: Free to $35

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