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All City Dogs classes are small in size – between four and five dogs – to assure that you get all your questions answered and a lot of personal attention. Graduates of ANY class will receive a discounted in-home session rate of $150 per session and no package is needed.

Canine Good Neighbour

Polite Pups

Tuesdays, November 22 to December 13 @ 7:30pm

Camp Canine 1056 Eglinton Ave. W
Polite Pups is a great class to continue after a puppy class or as a nice refresher of basic skills in a more challenging environment.  This class aims to create excellent habits and will teach:
  • a rocket recall
  • loose leash walking
  • polite greetings with people and with dogs
  • keeping your dog engaged on a walk
  • drop it and leave it


Chaos to Calm: Holiday Edition

Chaos to Calm: Holiday Edition

Thursday November  17 – December 8 (7:00 – 8:00pm)
Uberdog Athletic Club 24 Industrial Road

Was Thanksgiving a little “ruff” on your guests? Was your dog a little chaotic in someone else’s house? This special class will address everything you need to know from the doorbell to when people leave to achieve calm this holiday season. We will cover:

  • create calm when the doorbell rings
  • avoid chaos when people enter your home
  • create calm around food anywhere in the home
  • calm in new environments
  • calm around new dogs


scenting fun

Scenting Fun

Thursday February 9th to March 2nd 7:15pm to 8:00pm
Uberdog Athletic Club 24 Industrial St.

Scenting activities are a wonderful way to calm a hyperactive dog, satisfy the need to search and is a great way to tire out your dog on days when the weather is not conducive for a good walk. This class will cover:

  • the basics of scenting and why it’s important
  • various scenting games to exercise your dog’s nose
  • putting these to work to find specific items such as your dog’s toys
  • the last class will cover teaching your dog to find an item of your choice
  • taking these skills outside

$220 + HST

solo scenting services page

Solo Scenting

Drop In Classes
Uberdog Athletic Club 24 Industrial St
Have some fun indoors this winter! Enter into a space just for you and your dog, with physical obstacles, toys, shreddables and treats only a dog’s nose could find!
Solo Scenting is appropriate and encouraged for all dogs, including dogs who may be fearful, anxious, experiencing mobility limitations, and senior dogs.
$35 + HST 
Canine Good Neighbour

Canine Good Neighbour Exam Prep Class

Saturday, October 15th to November 12th, 12:30PM to 1:30PM

Uberdog Athletic Club 24 Industrial St.

The Canadian Kennel Club administers the Canine Good Neighbour Exam that evaluates whether a dog can be counted on to present good manners at home, in public places and in the presence of other dogs. It is a great first step into determining whether your dog would be suitable for therapy work. This class goes over each of the 12 steps of the exam in detail to help prepare you and your dog.


Good Manners for Kids and Pups

My Best Friend

Saturday January 7th to 28th @ 2:15pm to 3:00pm
Uberdog Athletic Club 24 Industrial St. 


Did your children beg you for a puppy but now they don’t really know how to interact?  This class helps to build the bond through fun activities, useful tricks and even getting started in some fun sports that you can do at home!  Your kids and dogs will love this super fun and interactive class.


Leash Walking Workshop

Leash Walking Workshop

Tuesday, November 22nd & 29th, 6:30 PM to 7:15 PM
Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Road East
**** This is not a class for reactive dogs *****

  • walk loose leash around distractions
  • learn techniques to focus your dog
  • practice focus and loose leash walking around YOUR dog’s triggers
  • avoid jumping, lunging & barking


Recall Workshop

Recall Workshop

Tuesday October 4th & 11th from 7:15pm to 8:00pm – Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Road East
Sunday October 23rd & 30th 11am to 11:45am- Fort York Commons

  • different types of recall techniques
  • avoiding the chase me game
  • emergency recall
  • training a rocket recall


jumping services page

Jumping Workshop

Sunday November 6th & November 13th 10am to 10:45am Fort York Commons
Tuesday December 6th & 13th 6:30pm to 7:15pm Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Road East

  • why is your dog jumping?
  • jumping on you
  • jumping on visitors
  • jumping on strangers
  • various techniques to get in front of the behavior


losing it on the leash

Losing It on the Leash

Tuesday November 22nd to December 13th 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Road East
  • how to get in front of the behavior
  • how to lessen frustration
  • techniques to promote focus and calmness
  • maximum of four dogs and two trainers in class




To begin in the Fall
  • how to get in front of the behavior
  • how to lessen frustration
  • techniques to promote focus and calmness
  • maximum of four dogs for lots of personal attention


Dog Parkour - Training Level Class (

Dog Parkour - Training Level Class

Also known as Urban Agility, this sport will change your walks in so many ways!  This bond-building class will have you and your dog using your everyday environment as your own agility course!  In the Training Level Class you will learn:
  • Parkour safety
  • Parkour foundations; 2 Paws, 4 Paws, Under, Through, In, and Balance
  • How to take these skills and apply them to any environment
  • Prepare for Novice Level Class and Titling
Solo Agility

Solo Agility

Drop In Classes
Uberdog Athletic Club 24 Industrial St
Are you unable to go to classes because your dog is fearful or reactive or do you not enjoy group classes yourself?  This allows you to book the space for you, your dog, and your trainer and get the most out of your time with no distractions.
Beginner Agility Classes

Beginner Agility Classes

Thursday January 5th to 26th @ 7:15 to 8:15pm
Uberdog Athletic Club 24 Industrial
Looking for something fun and exciting to do with your dog?  Agility is a great way to improve focus, strengthen your bond and just have fun!  This is a non-competitive class that is designed as a positive introduction to the sport.  Here is what you will learn in the beginner class:

  • getting used to the equipment
  • going through tunnels
  • going over jumps
  • navigating weave poles
  • calmly starting a course
  • calmly ending a course
  • relax on a mat while waiting your turn (and where else to use this very useful skill!)


Private Dog Training

In-Home Dog Behavior Training

In-Home Dog Training

Whether you have a puppy ready to start off on the right paw, a new rescue getting used to your new home, or a dog going through some difficult behaviors, we are prepared for all sorts of training including leash walking, recall, calm greetings, barking, reactivity, fear and anxiety, and even aggression.  We will work with you to achieve your goals through science-based methods that are educational and fun for both you and your dog.
Pricing: One Session: $175   Package of Three: $495   Package of Five:  $750



Zoom Training & Webinars

City Dogs offers zoom training for new rescues, isolation distress cases and for those outside our area.  Zoom training can be just as effective, if not more so than in-person training depending on your needs.

$110 per zoom session

City Dogs often presents webinars through EduCanine on various topics such as Dog to Dog Interactions, Socialization, Body Language, and more! Go to www.educanine.org to see what is currently available.

Pricing: Free to $35

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