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In-Home Dog Behavior Training

In-Home Dog Behavior Training

We come to your home and train in your dog’s natural environment to assure that we are addressing your needs and where you need them to happen.

A La Carte Sessions – looking for one or two sessions to address certain behaviors or skills? Do you have a combination of particular skills and/or behaviors that you would like to address? Packages can be created to your needs and goals. We can also come to you on an ad hoc basis when you need help.

Pricing: $125 per session Three-Pack: $360 Five-Pack: $500

One-to-One Foundation Skills Training

One-to-One Foundation Skills Training

We come to you to work on basic skills such as loose leash walking, recall, drop, leave it, and more.  This is an excellent package for puppies or teens who might need a tune up on specific skills. 

A La Carte Sessions – if you are looking for assistance on one skill, one session is probably enough.  If you are looking for more than one skill or have a new puppy, packages are usually the way to go!

Pricing: $110 per session  Three-Pack:  $300    Five-Pack:  $450

Puppy School in the Park

Puppy School

Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Rd. East
May 15th 11:30am to 12:30pm

This 4-session class has been created for pups between the ages of 3 months to 4 months to cover the basic foundation skills and have time to meet new friends.

Classes cover:

  • Housetraining, biting and chewing
  • Basic Skills; sit, down and touch
  • drop
  • recall
  • socialization
  • Identifying body language & appropriate play

Pricing: $190 + HST

Polite Pups in the Park

Good Manners Class

Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Rd. East
April 17th from 10:00am to 11:00am

For ages 5 months to 9 months. Take your pup’s skills to the next level and work on the following important skills so your dog learns to be the “perfect guest”:

  • polite leash walking
  • polite greetings
  • polite in new environments
  • polite while food is around

$190 + HST

Puppy Social Classes

Chaos to Calm

Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Rd. East
May 18th from 7:30pm to 8:30pm

For ages 10 months + Is your dog getting a little out of hand at times? Would you like to see your dog more zen-like at times? Here are some goals for this class:

  • calm when people come to the door
  • calm when you have company
  • calm leash walking with distractions
  • calm at home when you need peace or to work
  • calm in new environments

$190 + HST

City Dogs - Natural Born Pullers

Natural Born Pullers

Manor Road United Church 240 Manor Rd. East
April 20th 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Let’s make walks less painful! Over the 4-week session, we will delve into the root cause of the pulling to make walks enjoyable for you and your dog. Dogs who are 8 months+ will benefit most from this class and will learn:

  • focus activities
  • creating calm
  • walking by distractions
  • walking with a loose leash

$190 + HST



City Dogs often presents webinars through EduCanine on various topics such as Dog to Dog Interactions, Socialization, Body Language and more! Go to www.educanine.org to see what is currently available.

Pricing: Free to $35

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