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Dog Training Services in Toronto

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In-Home Training

Train your dog in your day-to-day environment


Training Classes

Train your dog in your day-to-day environment

Zoom Training

Live, step-by-step training in the comfort of your own home no matter where you live.

Dog Training Services In Toronto


Whether it is out the window, at the door or at the television, City Dogs can get to the root of the barking and help you to determine the best techniques to help your dog become more “zen”.


Does your dog bark and lunge at dogs, people or anything on wheels? City Dogs has a number of techniques that will help your dog to relax around things that make them squirrely.


Puppies are so cute, sweet….and so much work! Get off on the right paw and learn the skills and focus that your pup will need to be calm canine citizens both inside and outside.

Foundation Skills

Does your dog need a tune-up on a specific skill such as loose leash walking, recall, drop, leave it? City Dogs makes the foundation skills fun and motivating for all involved so that these skills stick!


Adopting a rescue is an incredible journey for both you and your dog, but some dogs need a little extra TLC to help them acclimatize. City Dogs works with many rescue organizations as a trainer on call and also co-created The Rescue Plan with EduCanine.

Children and Dogs

Learn tips and tricks to help your children and your dog create a lifelong bond through mutual understanding and appropriate activities.

Fear and Anxiety

Whether your dog is afraid of thunderstorms, garbage cans, other dogs or a variety of sights and sounds, City Dogs can help your dog build confidence and resilience.

Resource Guarding

Does your dog get growly or nippy when food, toys or other coveted items are around? Does your dog steal things like shoes, clothing or other items and not want to give them back? We can help!

Isolation Distress

Are you concerned about leaving your dog at home? Have your left your dog alone and it didn't go well? Contact us to set up a zoom assessment so we can see how to help.


Does your dog get overly excited when guests come over?  Does your dog want to say hi to everyone on a walk or chase squirrels?  We can help create more calm both inside and outside your home.

Toronto's Trusted Professional Dog Trainers

Professionally Trained and Certified

Certified by the Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA), Karen Pryor Academy Training Foundations, Fear Free Certified Trainer, Dog Aggression Master Course through, ICS Dog Training Diploma, Aggression in Dogs Seminar – Michael Shikashio & Trish McMillian, Tellington TTouch Seminar

Award Winning Company

Andrea & City Dogs was awarded the Dog Training Excellence Award, Humane Dog Training Award and the Excellence in Boarding and Sitting Award through the International Association of Positive Dog Trainers Organization.

Insured Dog Training Business

City Dogs is insured through Profur for your safety and peace of mind.

Recommended by Professionals

City Dogs is recommended by many dog professionals such as fellow trainers, dog walkers and veterinarians.

“ We are new dog parents, and have found the experience of working with Andrea on training our young puppy truly transformative. Our puppy is happy, super well adjusted, and easygoing. At 3 months, she’s already an expert sidewalk walker (did 3k on busy streets at rush hour yesterday without a hitch), loves the park, plays nice with our kids, and shows no signs of aggression. She’s fully crate trained, responds to basic commands, and is able to regulate her boundless energy and redirect when needed. This is all no doubt largely thanks to Andrea’s early intervention, saving us from lots of rookie mistakes. “
Natalie & Noche
“ Andrea is amazing at honing in on your dog’s needs and giving you concrete “homework” and activities to take away from your in-person sessions. We started working with Andrea just over 2 weeks after adopting our 2 year old rescue, Walter, who was exhibiting very anxious and what seemed like aggressive behaviours on leash and around the city. After the first session, Andrea figured out that Walter was in fact VERY anxious and was not actually aggressive but just sensitive to physical touch and personal space. She helped identify his triggers and signs of anxiety on walks so that we could work on turning them into positive experiences. In about 4 sessions, Andrea set us up with the tools we needed to help reduce Walter’s (and our own!) leash anxieties and drastically improve his leash-walking and social skills in the city. She helped us understand our dog and how to read his body language, but most importantly how to act on it which ultimately has lead to a much more content and relaxed dog both at home and in the city. Highly recommend City Dogs for in-person sessions! Thanks Andrea! “
Jennifer & Walter
“ In most human professions and trades with knowledge and practice comes excellence. if additionally, the person loves their job, you have all the factors together to preform at the highest possible level. Andrea Dinan has the knowledge and practice and loves to train dogs so her job is also a hobby for her, and you can watch the light in her eyes when she is with a dog or training them. “
Esther & Luna
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