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Kyla Guercio



About Kyla

Kyla is a passionate and dedicated dog trainer with a deep love for animals. Her journey in the world of dogs began in 2015 where she worked in several dog daycares in Toronto, immersing herself in the world of canine behavior and training. Inspired by her experiences, she ventured into entrepreneurship and successfully established her own dog walking business, while earning her dog training designation through the prestigious Karen Pryor Academy.

Continuing to follow her passion for making a positive impact on animals’ lives, Kyla dedicated three years of her career to the Toronto Humane Society. There, she served as a certified animal trainer, working tirelessly to rehabilitate and train animals in need, ensuring their successful adoption into loving homes.

Driven by her commitment to providing the most effective and ethical training methods, Kyla has sought out additional training and certifications to enhance her expertise. She completed Michael Shikashio’s Aggression in Dogs course, demonstrating her dedication to understanding and addressing complex behavioral issues. Kyla also completed the Fear Free Trainer and Fear Free Shelter Trainer courses, emphasizing her compassionate approach to working with animals.

Through her experience, education and dedication, Kyla is committed to helping both dogs and their humans build strong bonds and live harmoniously together.