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Robyn Salz


About Robyn - FDM, CTC

Robyn is passionate about fostering the bond between dogs and their guardians through education and training services. She believes that dogs and their guardians deserve to be set up for success, and she offers compassionate, creative, and practical solutions to behaviour challenges through humane, science-based training methods.Robyn’s approach to dog training involves not only working to understand each individual dog and their experiences and needs, but also understanding the family’s expectations and goals.Robyn is committed to continued education in order to ensure she has up-to-date knowledge on the best, most humane approaches to use when working with dogs and their guardians. She began her career by participating in the Bravo Dog Training Mentorship and EduCanine mentorship programs. She graduated from the Academy for Dog Trainers, an intensive two year academic program, earning her Certificate in Training and Counselling (CTC). She has also successfully completed the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Foundations course, and is a certified Family Dog Mediator (FDM). She also regularly attends conferences led by leaders in the field of Dog Training, including the Dog Behavior conference, Aggression in Dogs conference and Clicker Expo.